Monday, April 29, 2013

My campaign for better English

Good communication matters.

Bad communication can create misunderstanding. Sometimes it kills people.

More often, it just misleads them.

Speaking personally, it irritates me.

But this blog won't be of any use to anyone if it's just a dustbin for my complaints.

I want to help everyone to use the English language to communicate more effectively with other people, wherever they live.

Bad English may be the result of bad teaching, no teaching, or the effect of bad writing and editing in the mass media.

It is not difficult to put right.

In this blog I will help anyone who wants to improve their English to deal with problems that they would otherwise not be told about. 

Nowadays, too many teachers fear to correct mistakes because they don't want to discourage their students. But writing "Good" or "Excellent" on a piece of writing that is full of mistakes is of no use to a pupil of any age, language or ability level. I myself have been learning foreign languages for many years and am still happy to have some kind person correct my errors.

So this blog will not cover the things in my other blogs, including Growing Capacity and Chinability.

It will focus on things that will enable  you to use English more effectively, no matter whether you are a native speakers or a learner of English as a second language.

Please feel free to ask questions or add comments to any post on this blog. 

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