Friday, September 6, 2013

Rob Hutton's list of journalistic clichés

My 'shameful secret’: I’ve learnt to love clichéd journalese

Rob Hutton, Daily Telegraph, 5 September 2013

The lazy and glib language used by reporters in British newspapers changes how you see the world once you understand it

Where is everyone in a lab coat a “boffin”? Where is “bubbly” either “guzzled” or “glugged”? Where do “drunken yobs” go on “booze-fuelled rampages”? You know the answer: in Britain’s newspapers. Just under a year ago, a late-night comment on Twitter led me to become an accidental collector of “journalese”, the language of reporters. It’s a world in which unnamed backbench MPs are always “senior”, where any adjustment of policy is a “humiliating U-turn”. Where the police “launch probes”, presumably with Nasa’s help. Where two people who disagree “clash”, typically after one of them has “slammed” the other.